With the participation of more than two hundred entries from various countries both in and outside Europe, the third edition of the International Fassa Bortolo "Domus Restoration and Preservation" Prize is characterised by the strongly supranational flavour of the results. Close evaluation of the entries in fact saw numerous international participants in the forefront. The Panel of Judges reached a unanimous decision, drawing attention to the various projects for their specific quality and conformity to the competition criteria: "architectural restoration projects which have sensitively interpreted the principles of conservative restoration […] possibly using contemporary forms of expression". These criteria were given different interpretations and connotations by each participant, with consistently interesting projects in harmony with the existing context, following an approach sometimes strictly conservative, sometimes more innovative, with the necessary and often essential openness to the contribution of the architecture of our time. Similarly, in the "Projects Developed as Degree Theses" section, the judges considered favourably participants who demonstrated an ability to consciously combine the principles of the discipline on different scales, from individual monuments to urban aggregations and themes associated with landscape restoration.
The 2012 Prize's jury
Giovanni Carbonara (Chairman)
Laura Moro
Beatriz Mugayar Kühl
Riccardo Dalla Negra
Marcello Balzani (Award Secretary)