The company Fassa S.r.l. with registered office in in Spresiano (TV), via Lazzaris 3, Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA 02015890268 (hereinafter referred to as "Company") set out below information regarding browsing data and the operation of cookies and other tracking tools, within the websites (the "Website"), also based on the indications provided by the Authority for the protection of personal data. For the purposes of this notice, the term "cookies" will also refer to the other tracking tools used by the Website, as better described below.

The following information is provided for the Website and not also for other websites of third parties that may be consulted by the user through links.

This Cookie Policy should be read in addition to the Privacy Policy found at the following link which should be referred to for any other information on the processing of personal data, including users' rights and how to exercise them.


  1. Cookies


Cookies are usually strings of text that websites (so-called publishers or "first party") visited by the user or other websites and other web services (so-called "third parties") place and store within a computer device accessed by the user. These are stored directly, in the case of publishers, and indirectly in the case of "third parties". The devices referred to are, for example, a personal computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device capable of storing information.


Software for navigating the Internet and operating these devices, e.g., browsers, can store cookies and then transmit them back to the websites that generated them on a subsequent visit by the same user, thus maintaining memory of the user's previous interaction with one or more websites.


Information encoded in cookies can include personal data, such as an IP address, user name, unique identifier, or e-mail address, but it can also contain non-personal data, such as language settings or information about the type of device a person is using to browse the website.


Cookies can therefore perform important and diverse functions including, tracking sessions, storing information about specific configurations regarding users accessing the server, facilitating the enjoyment of online content, and so on.


2. List of cookies used by the Website

3. Contatti


The contact details of the Company, for questions and for exercising the rights related to the processing of personal data, and of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) are as follows: and